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  1. Insert the Memory Card (Micro SD Card) into MEMORY CARD (Micro SD Card) SLOT of your device.

    a. If your device doesn’t have a Micro SD card you can buy an Micro SD OTG Card Reader for your device, which may be checked by searching MICRO SD OTG CARD READER on any shopping website. You can check sample by clicking here

    b. You may also buy a Hybrid Dual SIM Card And Micro SD card Adapter. You can check sample by clicking here

  2. Open Memory Card (Micro SD Card) using FILE MANAGER APP on your device. If you don’t have such app in your device, you can download one such app by CLICKING HERE.

  3. Open the ANDROID VIDEO PLAYER Application (.APK file) provided in Memory Card (Micro SD Card) or Download it from the link below & then install it:
    Android Player (via Google Drive)

  4. Click on SELECT Menu

  5. Choose the video you want to watch

  6. If you are using the player for First Time, it will show you FILE ID and MACHINE ID and ask for your password.

  7. Fill up the form given below LICENSE KEY GENERATOR FOR ANDROID for getting a password delivered to your email address within 48 working hours. (Internet required for this)

  8. Insert the password in this box and save it for future use as well and click PLAY Button to watch video.

  9. If  you have already got your license key, you may watch the UGC NET Video Classes anytime you want, even without internet.


IMPORTANT NOTE  : The KEY (PASSWORD) which we will send you will work only on your Device/ PC / Mobile, for which you have sent us the details, while trying to activate the course. It will not work on any other system / device at all. 

Hence, we would be sending you only one password, so make sure while filling up the password generation request form, you fill in correct details. In any case (Including wrong details given by you by mistake), If you will ask for a NEW Password Generation will be charged Extra at Rs. 10,000 for any more passwords.













    Are you still facing any difficulty, please Download Team Viewer Quick Support App for Android  from the link given below and the give us a call on 08743000624 and we will arrange a technical support session for you.


    NOTE: We only sugest you to have latest version of Android on your Phone / TAB with atleast 2GB RAM, Minimum 16GB Internal Memory (Out of which atleast 2GB should be Free) and your device should support a Micro SD card of 32 GB atleast.

    If this is not supported by your device, video May or May Not Play or get hanged, please speak to our technical team for more details.