Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics Academy ‘Institute of Professional Courses’ was established for promoting technical education in the domain of commerce. Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics has been providing classes for academic and professional courses in India for long time.

Our philosophy is based upon bridging the gap between classroom education and industry requirements. Our teaching pattern is in tune with our philosophy to provide the best services to our students. We do not simply believe in rote learning but also enhancing the practical approach of the topic taught to our students.

We believe that the foundation of a good institute is lead on strength of faculty. We are purely dedicated and committed to the excellence of each student.

To establish Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics amongst students as a one-on-one education solutions provider. 

How to score well in in B. Com 

Bachelor’s in commerce is a three-year graduation course that aims at equipping students with skills that help solve problems in sectors of accountingmanagement, and economics. There are several constraints involved as to why students fail in B.Com, some of the top reasons being: 

Turning a blind eye towards previous years questions papers for subjects like financial management develops lack of confidence in a student, who has no idea about the kind of problems that will be appear in the question paper which results in not attempting them. If looked carefully thfinancial management papers have a certain question scheme when it comes to problems. Not paying careful attention to it results in inability to solve them. 

Students who enroll in B.Com with meager or satisfactory marks from commerce fields have trouble grasping concepts like making recurring financial statements, which form a core element of subjects like finance and accounting. 

The lack of applying logic behind economics during early college years affects the students’ performance during the semesters, when subjects like business economics use quantitative methods to analyze the commerce of different businesses. Failure to grasp these methods does not end well for many. 

Taking additional subjects like Export Marketing lightly during the last semester can affect the overall score of the student. Export Marketing in itself is a majorly theory-based subject that can help you increase your score, and affect your performance in the exams in case you are not well prepared for the other subjects. With most concepts being relatively simple as compared to the rest of the curriculum, careful planning of the subject right from the beginning can help you gain a better score. 

Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics for B.Com have laid out mock tests and papers to cater for well preparation of the students.


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Personal Attention Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

Our “Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics” B. Com Batches consist of only 30 Students; this helps the faculty to give personal attention to each student in the class. 

Conceptual Learning Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

Conceptual clarity is a must for students to be able to solve any type of problem or case studies. Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics ALL our faculties believe & practice conceptual teaching. 

Timely Syllabus Completion Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

This is one area where many fail; however, we take this very seriously since this can make or break the student’s study rhythms. Timely completion gives sufficient time for revisions. 

Study Material by Experts Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

We are very serious about our study material; thus, we ensure it is designed by experts & reviewed every year to give the students the best possible quality. 

Thorough Revisions Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

Unlike some, we do not leave the revisions to students. We include specially designed intensive coaching and a refresher course which covers the entire syllabus. This exponentially helps students in their preparations

Aggressive Mock Exams Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

We not only conduct regular chapter wise & short surprise tests but also full-length prelim exams. This makes our students well prepared before the exams. 

Regular Feedback Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

Though the students are given regular feedback; we also conduct open-house to update the parents about their child’s performance. This helps them monitor their child’s progress. 

Counselling Sessions Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics

We will regularly conduct valuable counselling sessions with professionals and board moderators, to give the students an insight into the speed, accuracy, approach, sequel of order, overcoming exam fear, and developing the correct attitude.