ASTRAL EDUCATION (India’s No. 1 Institute for UGC NET Coaching) has now overcome the Geographical limits of Cities, States & Countries. Now students from various regions and cities of India can join ASTRAL EDUCATION (India’s No. 1 Institute for UGC NET Coaching) UGC NET ONLINE CLASSES and prepare for UGC NET Examination.

The faculties for this are the Subject Matter Experts who are UGC NET Qualified / Ph. D. and have several years of teaching experience into UGC NET & other related domains.
These classes are one of the best resources for any student because it gives a chance for 100% knowledge transformation from teacher to student.


At, ASTRAL EDUCATION (India’s No. 1 Institute for UGC NET Coaching) we have the following subjects available in our UGC NET ONLINE COACHING at :

  • UGC NET Paper-1 : Teaching & Research Aptitude (Code # 00)
  • UGC NET Economics (Code # 01)
  • UGC NET Political Science (Code # 02)
  • UGC NET Psychology (Code # 04)
  • UGC NET Commerce (Code # 08)
  • UGC NET Management(Code # 17)
  • UGC NET Mass Communication & Journalism (Code # 63)
  • UGC NET Computer Science & Applications (Code # 87)
  • UGC NET Tourism Administration & Management(Code # 93)

1. Flexible Timing : We are very comfortable when it comes to timing of the classes; however we always request you to fix up a slot well in advance to avoid inconvenience. The usual duration for a class is 2-3 hours.

2.100 % Syllabus Coverage : We cover all the units of Paper-1, 2 & 3 of the UGC NET Syllabus, without skipping any topic from any unit.

3.Best Faculties : ASTRAL EDUCATION understands the teaching methodologies & importance of teacher in it. So we always try to bring in the best possible faculties for you from our resource pool. Just to let you know that we have got a dedicated HR Manager for this work. We get around 8-10 job applications everyday from the faculties who are UGC NET Qualified into their subject.

4.We also try to bring in Subject Matter Experts for various classes as well. For e.g. The Elective of Income Tax Law and Tax planning in Commerce (08) subject are being taken by a renowned faculty having around 10 years of work experience, is a Chartered Accountant (CA) by profession and also the founder of a well known CA , CS, CMA coaching institution. Now just think who can be better than him for this unit.

5.Computerized Notes : Having notes is a great way of helping you identify important concepts in class. Even if you have a great memory, you won’t be able to remember everything that the teacher says, unless you have a permanent written record for your reference. To revise and re-revise is the way to learn and memorize. If you have your notes handy you can always revise and memorize. The notes we provide to you are chosen by the faculties from the various books available.

6.Handouts : Apart from Computerized Notes (Study Material) we also provide you with handouts of presentation being used for UGC NET Online Classes.