Question Bank are very essential as it provides variety of Question to practice on. Question Bank provided by ASTRAL EDUCATION comprises of the followings:

  1. 5000 plus Objective Type Questions(For All the Three Papers).
  2. Exercises.
  3. Model Test.
  4. Previous Year Papers.

In order to acquire authentic, up-to-date, relevant study material for UGC NET exams, one has to join or get associated with a coaching institute of repute, which by no other means is none other than ASTRAL EDUCATION (India’s Number One Coaching Institute for UGC NET exams). Even the competitors after having failed to provide the relevant study material to their students, have been referring their students to get in touch with ASTRAL EDUCATION. ASTRAL EDUCATION has over the past many years , has been receiving calls from many candidates asking for its study materials. So far, ASTRAL had been providing the study material for UGC NET Exams to their registered students only. Deep Analysis predicted that the numerous calls were from the students who had taken the coaching from lesser (un)known coaching institutes. This then gave rise to a vertical thought and ASTRAL Education leaped into activity also. Study Material for UGC NET EXAMS provided by ASTRAL are very much relevant, up-to-date and on the exact patterns of UGC NET Exams. There is no defying the saying, that thousands of students have already benefitted by referring to the study materials only, provided by ASTRAL EDUCATION. The students who has referred to the material, did not find any need to refer to any other book.

The contents of the Study Material offered by ASTRAL EDUCATION consists of the followings:

  1. Unit Wise Notes and Exercises.
  2. Previous Year Papers.
  3. Model Test Papers/Sample Papers.
  4. OMR SHEETS for practice.

Subjects Available for UGC NET in Correspondence Mode (Study Material) are as follows:

  1. Paper 1
  2. Management
  3. Commerce
  4. Economics
  5. Education
  6. Political Science
  7. History
  8. English
  9. Geography

Apart from the Study Material, which is a by-product of ASTRAL EDUCATION, the Institute is a premier league known for its Quality Coaching for both of its Class Room and Online modes. Students who opt for Class Room or Online Coaching gets the same study material. Class Room coaching runs from Mon-Fri (Weekdays), Sat-Sun(Weekends), or Simply on Sundays, the timings are flexible and suits the requirements of both Working or Non-Working People. Students who cannot join Class Room Coaching or Online Coaching for whatever reason, can still order for the Study Material at some Affordable Amount.

ASTRAL EDUCATION has many options to offer to the desirous candidates for UGC NET Exams. One has to simply log on to our website, or send an email or simply call.



FOR PAPER-1, 2/3 :

This course may have the following:

  • Unit wise Practice Exercise for Paper-1 (Common Paper)
  • Unit wise Practice Exercise for Paper-2/3 (Subject)
  • Model Test Papers / Sample Test Papers for Paper-1 (Common Paper)
  • Model Test Papers / Sample Test Papers for Paper-2/3 (Subject) (Common Paper)
  • Previous Year Papers with Solution Key for Paper-1 (Common Paper)
  • Previous Year Papers with Solution Key for Paper-2/3 (Subject)
  • OMR Sheets for Practicing Questions
  • Latest Syllabus Copy for Paper-1 (Common Paper)
  • Latest Syllabus Copy for for Paper-2/3 (Subject)

Price of this course is Rs. 9000 /- All Inclusive

To check the payment options you may CLICK HERE, Please check availability by calling on 08743000624 before placing order.

For more information,send your details and inquiries on info@ugcnetcoaching.com or call on 08743000624