ASTRAL FOR SCHOOL EDUCATION offers the best 6 TO 10TH CLASSES in India. With the high number of selections in the COMPETITIVE EXAMS, Astral is consistently giving the top results and high pass percentages.  

6 TO 10TH CLASSES are you need good coaching to understand the concepts better and get valuable guidance. And ASTRAL FOR SCHOOL EDUCATION is one such 6 TO 10TH CLASSES Institute that understands the needs of the exam and the students.  

Our COMPETITIVE EXAMS classes have limited seats so that teachers can give proper attention to each student. According to the student’s performance, we provide them personalized guidance so that they can get the best result. 

So, this high school short syllabus is very important and helpful for all the students of Class Six to Nine (6-9). The government set up the process to start assignment classes for the students of classes 6 to 9, the absence of annual examinations. 

CBSE Class 10 Syllabus: The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced the Term-1 study plan for all Class 10 students. The MCQ-based sample papers are delayed for now and they are expected to be released in the last week of August. 

Following past conventions, NCERT textbooks based on the new syllabi are in three phases: 

  • Phase one, 2006-07: Classes I, III, VI, IX and XI 
  • Phase two, 2007-08: Classes II, IV, VII, X and XII 
  • Phase three, 2008-09: Classes V and VIII 

Revised Syllabus of Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and Physics at Higher Secondary Stage 

Syllabus for Additional Courses for Higher Secondary Classes