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Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) entrance exam syllabus, universally known as BBA exam syllabus is not much different. However, different BBA colleges who offer admission to their 3-year BBA course or 5-year integrated BBA+MBA course based on different entrance tests, have different BBA exam syllabus for the respective BBA entrance test 

Although BBA course syllabus is similar in all colleges, based on their different course structure the BBA Syllabus for BBA course can differ also from college to college. Since the course structure of BBA colleges is different, these colleges – for example IIM (Indian Institute of Management) Indore IPMIIM Rohtak IPMDelhi University BBASymbiosis BBANMIMS BBA+MBA will have different BBA course syllabus for each semester as the course structure in each college could be different in one or other way.  

Division of BBA Exam Syllabus
The syllabus for the BBA entrance test and BBA course syllabus is two entirely various parts of BBA exam syllabus. Accordingly, we can divide the BBA exam syllabus into the following two major areas: 

  1. Syllabus for BBA Entrance Exam: For Example, IPM ATDU JATNPAT, SET 
  2. BBA Course Syllabus and Subjects: For example, semester wise BBA SyllabusBBA Couse syllabus for 1st year and so on with BBA course curriculum 

BBA Entrance Exam Syllabus
Shared below are the top BBA colleges and their respective BBA entrance exams for admission to BBABMS, IPM courses 

Table of Contents 

  1. BBA Syllabus: An Overview 
  2. BBA Syllabus: Key Highlights 
  3. How to Study BBA Syllabus? Key Steps 
  4. Career Opportunity with BBA 
  5. BBA Semester wise Syllabus in IIMs (Indian Institute of Management) and Top BBA Colleges 
  6. BBA Syllabus Delhi University 
  7. IIM Indore Syllabus for BBA 
  8. NMIMS University BBA Syllabus Semester wise 
  9. IIM Rohtak BBA Syllabus 2022 
  10. BBA Syllabus Subjects: Semester Wise Difference & Similarity in Colleges 
  11. BBA Syllabus Pdf 
  12. BBA Pedagogy in BBA Colleges 

1. BBA Syllabus: An Overview

BBA Syllabus for the 3-year BBA/BBS/BMS courses is divided into a minimum of six semesters and is very wide as it covers all the core courses for undergraduate education as well as specializations for Management EducationHowever, all the top BBA colleges with 3-year BBA courses have similar course syllabus. The colleges that offer 5-year integrated BBA+MBA also have same Bachelor of Business Administration Syllabus for first 3 years of the undergraduate programme while for next 2 years of postgraduate MBA programme it is as per their MBA/PGDM syllabus and is completely different. 

2. Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration syllabus covers the 3-year course leading to bachelor’s degree after class 12. Since it is the degree programme it is offered by Central, State or Private universities in India or such autonomous institutes who can award bachelor’s degree. However, the formation and design of Bachelor of Business Administration syllabus is done by the respective university or the BBA college regarding updated pattern and curriculum in consultation with the experts and as per industry requirement especially for the final year. The BBA syllabus in a college is divided into semesters and terms or depends upon the annual evaluation process.