About us 

“Sa vidya ya vimukttaye” 
knowledge is one that Liberates 

Government Recognized 

NEFTU is recognized by the Govt. of A.P., U.G.C., AIU, NCTE, BCI and PCI, etc. Various bodies have conducted inspection and are mostly satisfied with the maintained standards. The norms and guidelines are strictly complied with and are reported with the concerned authorities from time to time. The suggestions are implemented, and thorough verification is done from time to time. 

Reputed Faculty 

NEFTU has an array of experienced & reputed faculty in all of its departments. Experienced faculties from all over India having good research and academic credentials are recruited for imparting knowledge, skill and leadership to the students of the remote areas. Out of the class teaching is also encouraged by excursions, tours and practical hands-on training. The graduated students remain in regular touch with the faculties for career guidance. 

Good Infrastructure 

NEFTU has up-to-date world class infrastructure for promoting research and academics. The University has up-to-date laboratories for conducting experiments, training and research purposes. The library has a collection of books on variety of topics where one can easily get the book of one’s choice. NEFTU also subscribes to various journals, periodicals, articles and research materials that help students and faculties in their endeavor. 

The North East Frontier Technical University is situated in a pristine site in Alao, enfolding scenic grandeur and fascinating natural assets. It is entrenched in the West Siang of Arunachal Pradesh as a radically advancing hub of education. Ever since its inception, the university has been trying to achieve academic excellence and fulfill the objective as envisaged in the University Act and has evolved into India’s leading institution of learning, discovery, and innovation. NEFTU is a conscientious venture by a bench of prudent visionaries and educationists. Founded in the year 2014. 

North East Frontier Technical University (NEFTU) was established under 2F of UGC Act 1956 through The North East Frontier Technical University Act, 2014, by the Government of Arunachal Pradesh Legislative assembly (vide notification number LAW/LEGN-9/2014) 

The University traces its roots to the legacy of ‘The Automobile Society India; that has been reforming and redefining India’s developmental scenarios for a trail of decades. The Automobile Society India which sponsors NEFTU is a registered charitable Trust. The Trust has been opportunely executing several institutions within the country in the disciplines of Automobile Engineering and Electrical Engineering. 

NEFTU a name tagged to enhance the strength of Indian education while offering the quality and Natural education in all most every theme of major discipline. Being as a top-ranking university of India commits to bring the students with bright future. We also conduct orientation session under the operation head where we analyze the interest of the students as per their past education and experience and then offer the best suited career Programme. 

NEFTU offers a unique experience to our graduate students, including the opportunity to work with the leading academics and with libraries and collections, where one can easily get the book of one’s choice. 


The mission of NEFTU is to provide quality education, creative skills and instils in them a professional attitude so that they emerge as highly successful professionals. NEFTU is committed to foster leadership quality amongst its students. 

The NEFTU is founded on four main pillars: 

  • To take potential minds and propel them towards greatness 
  • To explore and expand the human knowledge base 
  • To deepen the understanding of the human condition, fostering universal values while being rooted in the Indian experience 
  • To do public good, and benefit society and the country as a whole 


  • To develop responsibility, commitment and professional ethics in students so that they rise high above others professionally. 
  • To encourage creative and practical thinking so that they make lasting contribution to all the disciplines. 
  • To educate and train students in various disciplines. 
  • To provide cost effective & quality education at par with the best country. 
  • To provide well-experienced & dedicated faculty for benefit of students 


North East Frontier Technical University is dedicated to chisel the Students with Futuristic Quality Education on par with Global Standards, Yet Ethically strong, entwined with Values and Discipline and to build Mutual Reputation through the Smart Students who in turn will improve the Quality of Life Globally. 

At the NEFTU, we believe that the journey to discovering the answer to the question, “Who am I?” is a noble pursuit. We seek to be at the cutting-edge of all fields that we teach, and from there, push the boundaries forward. 

Learning & Teaching Methodology 

In tune with the vision of institute the teaching methodology adheres to interactive modes of teaching with emphasis on practical aspects of training. The motive is convergence of academic with overall development. The institute follows the mode of teaching that is patterned on a mix of Following activities. 

To remove the drudgery of classroom teaching and routine timetable a number of recreational activities make the part of curriculum. Sports meet and competition are organized to enhance the competitive and sports spirit of students. Cultural activities are regularly organized to give the student chance to show case their talents and remove the stage fear and fear of public speaking. Many indoor and outdoor game facilities are also available for students. 
To establish collaboration with International Universities, Institute of National Importance, Industry, Research & Development Centers, Institutions of Higher Learning in India and abroad, for the purpose of Teaching, Research, and Technology Transfer and allied activities. 

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) USA 
  • National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL) 
  • Commonwealth of Learning (COL) Canada 
  • International Institute of Education Planning (IIEP) Paris, France 
  • Common Wealth of Electronic Media Asia (CEMCA) New Delhi, India 
  • United Nation Education, Scientific & Cultural Organization (UNESCO) USA 
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) New Delhi, India 
  • Department of Science and Technology (DST) New Delhi, India 
  • Indian Space Research Centre (ISRO) India and other agencies from worldwide 

Training & Placement 

After attaining specialized and technical vocational degrees at the university, the sole aim of any student remains obtaining a well-paid job in a reputed organization. NEFTU, very well realizes the dreams and desires of its students and therefore, works every bit to create dynamic platforms for them. This is accomplished by collaborating with well-known brand names of the country in its endeavors to get all its top ranked students placed in order to convert their dreams into relevant realities. It is the desire of every student to get a good job with high salary & perks once he/she has finished the studies. Colleges & Institutes do help students towards this by collaborating with reputed companies, firms, PSUs etc to select students through in campus interviews, practical/vocational training leading to absorption in the company, forwarding biodata of students to good companies. 

Bachelor of Education 

The two-year B.Ed. programme was started in the year 2017. The course curriculum of B.Ed. has been framed as per the guidelines of NCTE. Attempts have been made while selecting and organizing different scholastic, co-scholastic and non-scholastic aspects of contents of curriculum. To integrate all these aspects to provide the needs of promoting awareness of various relevant issues such as gender, human values, human psychology, professional ethics, human rights with special emphasis on women rights, child’s right to education and equal opportunities of Education, etc. Course of Enhancing Professional Capacities (EPC), Art and Drama Education, Physical, Health and Yoga Education have been included for the development of personality of both physical and mental health of the trainees to ensure the development of global competency of communication skill due emphasis have been on the study of Languages and ITC Education. The two-year B.Ed. course structure has been designed for total of 1300 marks, dividing into 2 annuals of which 1st and 2nd year are of 700 and 600 marks total 1300 marks (1050 and 250 marks have been allotted for theoretical and practical aspects respectively). 


North East Frontier Technical University prides itself on ensuring an impeccable and paramount infrastructure whose construction and design was approached with optimum sustainability and furnished with the latest technologies. 

The ambiance of NETFU is apt for the versatile and comprehensive development of a student with a well-planned building framework surrounded by scenic beauty, away from the city chaos. 

Our technically efficient classrooms provide the most conducive atmosphere for dynamic and focused discussions. Classrooms at NEFTU have been designed to bring together analysis with action and are augmented with integrated audio-visual teaching aids for lectures, presentations, workshops, seminars, webinars, etc. 

Our library is one of the important resources centers of the institute serving students as well as the faculties of the institute.  The library has a varied collection, comprising of books, technical reports, and periodicals.  A large number of National and International Print/Online Journals are subscribed covering all disciplines. Our Library has specialized collections of books, journals & other resources in Engineering and Technology, Pharmaceutical Science, Law, Agricultural Science, Computer Science, Humanities, Social Sciences, Mathematics and Sciences and Management ranging from printed books, e-books, back volumes, and CDs\DVDs. Our library subscribes to national and international journals in print and e-Journals. The library has a video conferencing facility and online video courses, Swayam Programme and other E-Learning resources initiated by the Government of India. The Library of NEFTU is a technology embracing library. 

As many students come from distant places, it is essential for the students to have nutritious food and refreshments at affordable prices so as to participate in the daily academic activities actively. The college canteen plays an important role in this regard by catering the daily nutritional requirements of students and staff members. The eatables served in the canteen are prepared under hygienic conditions and are of excellent quality and a treat for the taste buds. The canteen cell manages the canteen, which in consultation with students takes care of different aspects like hygiene, prices, timings, services etc. 

The University has taken extensive measures to address the need for vigilance and security. The campus is fully CCTV-enabled to cater to the safety requirements of the students and staff. 

Interactive Center 

 In the contemporary world, in order to strengthen the skillsets of students, seminars and workshops are the pre-requisites. Therefore, NEFTU offers a well-equipped interactive room with hi-tech facilities ranging from projectors to an effective sound system. All features of these rooms fulfil the infrastructural requirements of the university. 


For any educational institution, a library forms the backbone that offers an array of information to the young minds. The library at NEFTU abounds with material of vast variety ranging from science to technology and management to humanities that emphasizes its value. Being a technical university, all sorts of e books and requisite technological aids will add to its lucrativeness. 

Computer Lab 

 NEFTU very well caters to the present-day requirements of the youth in terms of science and technology. Computer facilitates the everyday requirements of academics in numerous ways. Thus, it becomes the need of the hour. The computer lab designed here shall accomplish all such requirements in a strategic manner. 

Lecture Room 

 To offer world class experience of learning, the lecture halls at NEFTU are especially designed considering each and every peculiar requirement of the detailed course contents of various faculties. No stone is left unturned by us to strengthen the formulation of the lecture rooms which are the indispensable aspects of the infrastructure of any university. 


 Recreation forms an inseparable part of student life. Therefore, a neat, clean and hygienic cafeteria is a part of the huge infrastructural system at NEFTU. The safety standards pertaining to food and beverages will be well taken care of thereby offering wonderful refreshments. 

Sports Facilities 

 Keeping the holistic development of our students in view, abundant arrangements for sports have been made from far flung resources. Huge play grounds, basketball and tennis courts with the best quality equipment will give rejuvenating experience to the young sportsmen 

Hostel Accommodation 

 For outstation students the provision of hostel accommodation has been made separately for male and female students. Full-fledged mess for dining with clean and purified drinking water makes it fit to stay in hostel. besides this, facilities like 24*7 power backup, emergency medical assistance recreational facilities etc. are also a part of the hostel at NEFTU 

Facilities In Hostel Are 

 Quality mess facility, cooling facility in each room, incoming telephone facility, 100% power backup, Hot water facility 

Workshops & Laboratories 

 NEFTU has peculiarly looked into the importance and relevance of the workshop and laboratories for the aspects of educational institution. Thereby catering to all the technical and scientific aids of wide range of courses offered we present well equipped workshop &laboratories.