This is a course in which we give you Pre Recorded Video Classes by our UGC NET Experts.

There are 3 possible delivery modes:

1. Downloadable from Cloud (Internet) – Activation within 48 Hrs.

2. Micro SD Card (Memory Card) – Dispatched with in 5-7 Working Days

3. Pen Drive (USB) – Dispatched with in 5-7 Working Days

Following are the salient features of this course:

> The videos we provide you comes with validity of 6 Months / 12 Months, so give you can choose double exam coverage.

> NO INTERNET REQUIRED to watch videos

> Internet is only required for downloading updates / activation / support (if required)

> Videos are made by Same faculties who are teaching in Classroom Coaching as well

> The presentation used to teach are same as in Classroom Coaching

> The Notes provided to you are same as in Classroom Coaching

> The Tests provided to you are same as in Classroom Coaching

 > You are provided with OMR sheets to practice your tests.

 This course can be activated on any of the following devices:

> Android Mobile

> Apple Mobile (iPhone)

> Android Tab

> Apple Tab (iPad)

> Windows PC

> Windows Laptop

> Apple PC (Mac)

> Apple Laptop (Macbook)

IMPORTANT NOTE  : The KEY (PASSWORD) which we will send you will work only on your Device/ PC / Mobile, for which you have sent us the details, while trying to activate the course. It will not work on any other system / device at all. 

Hence, we would be sending you only one password, so make sure while filling up the password generation request form, you fill in correct details. In any case (Including wrong details given by you by mistake), If you will ask for a NEW Password Generation will be charged Extra at Rs. 10,000 for any more passwords.