Welcome to Astral Education! 

Astral Education offers the best UGC NET classes in India. With high number of selections in the UGC NET exams, astral is consistently giving the top results.

UGC NET is not a difficult course, but you will need good coaching to understand the concepts better and get valuable guidance. And astral academy for commerce & economics is one such UGC NET institute that understands the needs of the exam and the students.  

UGC NET classes have limited seats so that teachers can give proper attention to each student. According to the student’s performance, we provide them personalized guidance so that they can get the best UGC NET Coaching. 

Along with ASTRAL EDUCATION, he is also heading a few ventures such as 

AE (Astral Education),
AGE (Astral Global Education),
AISE (Astral Institute for Skill Education),
AIR (Astral Institute of Research),
AACE (Astral Academy for Commerce & Economics), 
AIDE (Astral Institute for Defense Education), 
ALI (Astral Low Institute), 
AISE (Astral Institute for Skill Education),
AID (Astral Institute of Design),
AIDM (Astral Institute for Digital Marketing),
ASE (Astral School Education),
Business Guroo India, Edu99, India, ARMS (Astral Recruitment & Management Services) and many more business ventures.